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“Avengers: Age of Ultron” Trailer Leaks, Marvel Forced to Release It One Week Early Updated

🕔14:06, 23.Oct 2014

It may have been a major reason for excitement for fans who have been expecting this trailer since they got up from the movie theater at the end of the last Avengers movie back in 2012, but for Marvel it

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Google Inbox

🕔13:13, 23.Oct 2014

  Google just reinvented your email – again. Inbox is Google’s latest attempt to divine what the future of their services could be like, and this time they are spot on. Inbox feels futuristic. It sports the clean, minimal interface

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Recently Patched Flash Player Glitches Leveraged by Another Exploit Kit Updated

🕔12:49, 23.Oct 2014

Other security flaws in Flash Player, patched by Adobe about a week ago, may have been integrated in Angler exploit kit (EK). Earlier this week, French vulnerability researcher Kafeine announced that an exploit for the Flash Player vulnerability CVE-2014-0569 had

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Titanfall Game Update 8 Adds Many New Features, Black Market Items Updated

🕔12:46, 23.Oct 2014

Respawn offers more details about the different new items included in Titanfall game update 8, relating to new mechanics like sudden death in Capture the Flag, Map Stars, a full-screen minimap, as well as fresh Black Market items like new

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Free Power of Shadow DLC for Shadow of Mordor Now Available Updated

🕔08:44, 23.Oct 2014

A brand new free DLC pack for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is now available for download, called Power of Shadow, which includes a fresh skin as well as three runes for your weapons. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor appeared earlier this

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Weelsof Ransomware Disguises as Airline Ticket from Delta Air Lines Updated

🕔07:39, 23.Oct 2014

A malicious email campaign, detected more than a month ago, luring users to open fake electronic airplane tickets, is still alive and kicking, using the exact same type of bait. The message reaching the inbox of the potential victim contains

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Cyber-Attacks Represented in Threat Map

🕔07:14, 23.Oct 2014

Thousands of cyber-attacks occur on a daily basis originating from various parts of the world and targeting a wide range of victims; visualizing them creates a better picture of the current threat landscape. For this purpose and for keeping an

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TorrentLocker Ransomware Reaches Italy and Brazil, Affects Thousands

🕔07:10, 23.Oct 2014

TorrentLocker, the ransomware meshed from cryptlocker and CryptoWall, has been spotted making victims in Italy and Brazil, thousands of computer users falling victim to its data encryption capabilities. The most affected country is Italy, accounting for more than half (53.35%)

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