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World of Warcraft Will Still Be Around in 2024, Blizzard Says Updated

🕔11:33, 31.Oct 2014

In just two weeks, Blizzard Entertainment’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft celebrates its tenth anniversary, and those who think that this is truly a feat will no doubt be surprised by the company’s plans to still have

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Chrome 39 Will Have SSL 3.0 Disabled by Default, Chrome 40 Removes It Completely Updated

🕔09:32, 31.Oct 2014

Client-server connections using the SSL 3.0 protocol will no longer be possible through Google Chrome starting version 40 of the product. The measure comes on the heels of the recently disclosed POODLE (Padding Oracle on Downgraded Legacy Encryption) attack that

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Crowti Crypto-Malware Hits the United States Updated

🕔07:42, 31.Oct 2014

The ransomware Crowti/CryptoWall with file encryption capabilities has been seen more often in the past month on computers located in the United States, as a result of multiple new email campaigns distributing the threat. The modus operandi of the malware

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Toshiba Releases 4 TB and 5 TB Desktop Hard Disk Drives

🕔07:37, 31.Oct 2014

Even with all the rave surrounding solid state drives, hard disk drives continue to be the prime choice when it’s capacity you’re looking for instead of sheer speed. The lower price compared to SSDs with a fraction of the same

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Hungarian Govt Cancels Internet Tax Following Protests

🕔07:29, 31.Oct 2014

The Hungarian Internet community has won a big battle as the government has finally backed off from wanting to create an Internet tax. “This tax in its current form cannot be introduced,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orban, much to everyone’s

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Relax, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki Is Coming Back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe Updated

🕔15:58, 30.Oct 2014

Perhaps more surprising than the fact that the “Thor” film franchise turned leading man Chris Hemsworth into the hottest hottie in Hollywood was the fact that Loki, his villainous brother played by Tom Hiddleston, earned such a solid following after

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SCAM ALERT: Scammers Pretending to Be CEOs Send Fake Wire Transfer Requests Updated

🕔14:05, 30.Oct 2014

Cybercriminals resort to all types of cheap tricks to get their hands on some money and researchers have noticed recently an increase in fake wire transfer requests coming from alleged company CEOs and executives, targeting employees in finance departments. This

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Free Pizza Hut Coupon Hooks Asprox Trojan into System Updated

🕔13:21, 30.Oct 2014

Cybercriminals operating the Asprox/Kuluz botnet try to replenish the number of infected computers by baiting potential victims with the promise of a free coupon that can be used in any Pizza Hut restaurant to get a free meal. Many would

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