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Australian Teen Pirates Spend More on Legal Content than Non-Pirates Updated

🕔14:49, 15.Oct 2014

Since all anti-piracy advocates continue to rage about how little people who choose to download content pay on legal alternatives, it seems appropriate for yet another study to show that pirates spend more on content than non-pirating folks. TorrentFreak reports

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Security Firms Form Coalition to Crack Down on Cyber Espionage Group Updated

🕔13:15, 15.Oct 2014

A group of security vendors joined forces to combat malware used by a group of hackers linked to various cyber-espionage campaigns for at least four years. The adversary is a China-based team of hackers believed to consist of up to

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World of Warcraft Gets Patch 6.0.2 and Kicks Off Iron Horde Incursion Event Updated

🕔11:22, 15.Oct 2014

Blizzard Entertainment announces that subscription figures for its massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft have started going up. The developer reports that World of Warcraft had 7.4 million subscribers at the end of September, a significant increase from

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Google Releases Hilarious Android 5.0 Teaser, Makes Fun of Possible Names Updated

🕔09:37, 15.Oct 2014

It looks like we’re closer to an Android 5.0 reveal then we might think, as Google has already started to release a few teasers for its newest version of the operating system. There have been lots of rumors indicating that

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Cyber Espionage Group Exploits New Windows Zero-Day to Get Elevated Privileges

🕔07:35, 15.Oct 2014

A cyber espionage group known as Hurricane Panda has taken advantage of a zero-day vulnerability in Windows that gave them administrative privileges on the affected systems. The group is believed to be from China and targets infrastructure companies. Multiple vulnerabilities

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SSL 3.0 web encryption bug can lead to ‘Poodle’ Attack

🕔07:20, 15.Oct 2014

Newly discovered web encryption bug in SSL 3.0 can cause ‘Poodle’ Attack Google Inc. said on Tuesday that a critical vulnerability in the design of SSL3.0 can lead to Poodle Attack. The bug which was discovered by three of the Google Inc

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Photo-saving service claims hackers stole Snapchat images Updated

🕔13:11, 14.Oct 2014, a website which allows users to save images sent via Snapchat, claimed on Monday that hackers had breached its servers and made off with some 500 megabytes of photographs. The claim by the little-known website sheds some light on

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Gamers Put Pressure on Creative Assembly for Alien: Isolation Linux Port Updated

🕔11:49, 14.Oct 2014

The new Alien: Isolation game developed by Creative Assembly is out, and for the time being only the Windows platform is supported. That didn’t stop fans of the Alien franchise from asking for a Linux port on the Steam forums.

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