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Cybercrime costs $445 billion a year but that might be the least of it

by Alex - on Sep 4th 2014 - Comments Off
SCADA Hacking

Cybercrime cost the global economy a staggering-sounding $445 billion in economic losses in 2013, a McAfee-sponsored report from the Center for Stategic and International Studies (CSIS) has estimated, yet another depressing and quotable benchmark telling us that things aren’t going well. Despite the imposing numbers, the CSIS analysis...

Stealthy Malware Leaves No File on the System

by Alex - on Sep 3rd 2014 - Comments Off

A new cyber-attack has been spotted to be launched by Angler exploit kit, a memory-residing malware that creates no file on the victim’s computer. The threat is delivered via a drive-by download and the code is injected straight into the web browser process, leaving no trace of the infection. French malware researcher Kafeine discovered...

World of Warcraft Is Free for New Users Until September 26

by Alex - on Sep 3rd 2014 - Comments Off

Blizzard has revealed that everyone will be able to play its massively multiplayer online role-playing game, World of Warcraft, free of charge until September 26. The game’s next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, drops on November 13, and the hype machine is starting to gear up. Blizzard’s creation is starting to get more and more...

Internet Explorer 6 Not Yet Dead, Microsoft Wants Users to “Destroy” It

by Alex - on Sep 3rd 2014 - Comments Off

China continues to have the biggest number of PCs running IE6 Even though it might be shocking news for tech-savvy users, plenty of Windows consumers out there are still running Internet Explorer 6 on their computer, and what’s even worse, they’re using it to browse the web every single day. Internet Explorer 6 was launched together...

Windows 9 to Be Unveiled on September 30

by Alex - on Sep 3rd 2014 - Comments Off

A preview version of Windows 9 is expected to be unveiled sometime next month and, thanks to a new report, we also have a date for a public debut. The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is preparing a press event for September 30, which is very likely to be the first time when the company will talk about the new operating system. While...

Fake Cellphone Towers Acting as Interceptors Discovered Across the United States

by Alex - on Sep 3rd 2014 - Comments Off

It seems like there are some entities out there that are doing their best to keep an eye on everything moving within the United States when it comes to communications. Seventeen cellphone towers have been discovered across America, looking just like you’d expect, but serving a completely different purpose – intercepting communications. According...

Russian Hackers Have Been Robbing US Banks for a Long Time

by Alex - on Sep 3rd 2014 - Comments Off

In July 1994, Citibank officials notified the FBI of what was then a novel crime: Hundreds of thousands of dollars had simply disappeared from corporate bank accounts. By October of that year, the total had ballooned to $10 million. It was, according to the FBI, the first time that a bank robbery had been committed by a computer. It...

Home Depot’s credit cards may have been hacked

by Alex - on Sep 2nd 2014 - Comments Off

A massive batch of credit and debit card information that went on sale on a criminal Internet site Tuesday may be from Home Depot stores and could be linked to hackers previously responsible for breaches at Target and P.F. Chang’s, security experts say. The credit card information was first offered up for sale Tuesday on an underground...